From overalls and embroidered details to railroad stripes, Flare Magazine shows us the top 13 denim trends for Fall 2012. I’m quite taken with the tuxedo stripe jeans, which trend are you eager to give a go?

If you can’t wait to go check out these jeans trends in store, then this list with the 17 best denim stores in Canada might come in handy. For each store we get a sneak peek of what to expect on the shelves this Autumn.

The style experts at FocusOnStyle are smitten with this “attainable chic” head-to-toe denim look by Balmain, and give us pointers on how to recreate the look with more affordable pieces.

Fab Links from Our Members

It’s funny that both Rae and I had denim on the mind this week. Rae recommends this video tour of a jeans factory because it really made her appreciate the work that goes into her favourite pairs.

Angie is not a high-top sneaker gal, but says this outfit is glorious. For a second she even thought the high-tops were white booties. 

Middle school student Julia Bluhm started a petition for Seventeen Magazine to stop overusing Photoshop. It quickly went viral and was signed by over 84,000 people. Laurinda thinks it’s odd that the magazine only responded with an eight-point plan to maintain the retouching status. 

Kari kept struggling with silk scarves that didn’t want to stay put, until she found MaiTai’s tips on anchoring square silk scarves. MaiTai is quite the scarf expert and has many other great tutorials on her website, this scarf with pearls made Kari think of Angie.

“Go to the mall, get scanned, and walk away with a list of shopping recommendations for your body size and shape.” Kyle would like to know if anyone has tried Me-Ality, a free service that makes it easier to find clothes that fit.

Just when she had internalized Angie’s guidelines for wearing cropped pants, Gaylene came across these tips from Ain’t No Mom Jeans, with an opposite view of “the danger zone”.

Annagybe informs us that this holiday season Neiman Marcus is teaming up with Target for limited-edition lines from no less than twenty-four well-known designers. The collection goes on sale on December, 1, and most items will be less than $60.

And last but not least, Diana really enjoyed reading Franca’s thoughts on clothing challenges with a limited number of items. She brings up some interesting issues that are usually glossed over or ignored with this type of minimalism challenge.