First you saw graceful Karen look cool, calm and collected in a skirt with a denim jacket. Then her favourite outfit of the season, white jeans, a tee and jacket. Next up are cropped pants and fuchsia flats. Fun! 

Black is one of Karen’s favourite colours so there is never a shortage of black bottoms in her wardrobe. Cropped pants at this length are Karen’s Summer shorts. She will wear breezy cotton trousers at this length in scorching high dessert temperatures when she’s on vacation, and feel fabulous. At age 71, Karen is uncomfortable wearing shorter jeans or trousers unless she’s cycling, in which case the correct gear is all important.

Karen wears all sorts of patterned and solid tops with her lightweight cotton black cropped pants. From blouses and fitted button down shirts, to layering t-shirts and knitted tops. Here, we paired them with a tiered mesh top in an animal print. It has elbow length sleeves so that Karen feels adequately covered when taking off her jacket. Karen’s favourite patterns are stripes, animal print and polka dots. Her favourite colours are purples, pinks, blues and greens. It’s no wonder that she loves this top!  

The white blazer is a new, timeless classic that will be worn season after season. In Seattle, it’s often chilly on a Summer’s morning before it reaches a lovely 75 to 85 degrees during the day. That’s why toppers in all sorts of weights and styles are ideal investment pieces for our climate. Scrunching the sleeves relaxes the formal vibe of the blazer, and makes Karen feel fashionable.  

We paired the clothes with several seasons old fucshia flats because matchy-matchy is on trend. Karen calls them her “happy shoes” because the colour and comfort factor always make her smile. These shoes make me smile because before we started working together, Karen didn’t think that she could wear non-neutral shoes. They drew too much attention to her feet and were not age appropriate. Well, those thoughts are history and now, these fucshia ballerina darlings have bright yellow wardrobe friends. 

Earrings, a cuff and sunglasses are the outfit finishing touches that make Karen the most happy, so she sports those items daily. The black patent handbag is a good basic that Karen sports year after year. She is not a bag gal, which is why we’ve built “a five bag compliment” for her style. Black, grey and red for most days, a vintage wicker bag for the Summer, and a clutch for fancy occasions. Minimal and practical. 

Five years ago, Karen did not wear denim, pattern or very much colour. Today, these are the elements of Karen’s style that make her feel modern, hip and youthful. We make sure that Karen’s outfits are a mixture of both the classics, a trend, and an element of surprise. A classic blazer worn with on trend crops, a vibrant print and bright burst of fuchsia create the ageless look that puts an extra spring in Karen’s Summer step. And my goodness it is an elegant and ladylike step!

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