Today we bring you the second in a series of five everyday Summer outfits modeled by my beautifully elegant and graceful client, Karen. Of all Karen’s Summer outfits this year, this combination is her favourite because she’s a HUGE fan of black and white outfits. The ensemble is simple, bold, modern, crisp, polished, comfortable and covered, all of which are important components of Karen’s style. If Karen had to wear one colour palette, this would be it. 

Karen didn’t even wear jeans when we first started working together five years ago. Well, we sorted that out chop-chop. Now Karen can’t imagine her life without her jeans because she wears them all the time. We bought a few pairs of premium label blue jeans on our first shopping trip and they are still going strong many years later. But even more than blue jeans, Karen loves to wear white jeans. Like me, she feels that white jeans look graphic and pretty, and scream Summer. 

Karen enjoys wearing a tailored, high-necked, sleeved and patterned T-shirt or knit top made of substantial fabric with her jeans because the vibe is extra casual. This one is a tie dye and has a peace sign on the front. So cute. Although you can’t see the Tee on its own, it has three quarter length sleeves because Karen must feel covered when she takes off her jacket. Anything shorter than elbow length and Karen is an unhappy camper. 

The Gibson Structured One Button Jacket with built in scrunched sleeves was one of my top picks from Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale in May. Karen snapped it up because the curved “high-low” hemline really spoke to her. She likes the way it covers up the top part of her hips, thereby streamlining a thigh curve that Karen prefers to keep covered. 

Her favourite colour is black, a signature colour, and Karen’s wardrobe will never be without it! But black can look harsh, especially as you get older. So we make a point of softening Karen’s look whenever she wears black close to her face. Here, the patterned Tee works wonders to lighten the effect. The pearl earrings are the next softening  tool, as is the raspberry lipstick. And of course, Karen’s built in chic grey streaked hair is the softening cherry on top. 

The virtually flat sandals are fab find Clarks Thimble Clovers from last season, a lovely dove grey that elongate the leg line because they create a low contrast against the white jeans. We finished off the look with  earrings and cuff because Karen is not a necklace gal. And sunglasses follow Karen around most days because her eyes are very sensitive to light. 

This is another example of an ageless ensemble. Classic bootcut jeans, hip and fun t-shirt, trendy and tailored jacket, and pretty shoes. An easy, relaxed and comfy, yet pulled together outfit formula for Karen’s retired lifestyle. And in her favourite colour combination to boot. Karen, I’m so glad that you love your white jeans because they love you back. Thanks for being my white jeans kindred style spirit.

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