I thought this would be an appropriate topic on this American Day of Independence. We’re talking any bright shade of red (no burgundies or claret), white or off-white, and any shade of blue. 

Oh my goodness. YAY! I adore outfits in this colour combination, both in solids and patterns. I love light blue and white paired with tomato red. Ink blue and white paired with red. Red and white paired with blue denim. Bright turquoise and tomato red paired with cream. A French blue combined with red and cream. And cobalt and red paired with white or off-white. I like it all.

You might be a nay vote because you DON’T want to look like an American, Dutch, French or UK  flags. Or perhaps you find the combination too nautical, or too “super-hero”. Or maybe you just don’t like the colours. Too classic, too high contrast, or too predictable. 

Well, I love bright reds matched with whites and all shades of blue precisely because it’s a classic and high colour contrast combination. Truth be told, I’m going to like any colour combination that incorporates a bright bold red. I don’t have negative flag or super-hero associations with the palette at all. To my eye it all looks fresh and fun. At the moment I am more into matching lighter shades of blue or turquoise with reds and white, but nautical looks are fab too. And I’m not one to shy away from cobalt mixed with bright red either. 

Over to you.