This is the last in a series of five outfits that showcased some of client Karen’s everyday Summer looks. You’ve seen stunning Karen love leopard print, rock white jeans, wear crops with fun flats, and sport a green linen blazer and stripes. Today she’s gorgeous in my favourite of the five looks — a cold shoulder top with flares and denim jacket. Her confidence in this outfit makes it look even better. 

Karen was excited to show me her new zebra printed top. It was such a coincidence because I had written about cold shoulder tops just that morning! Thoroughly delighted, we put together some outfit possibilities. What drew Karen to this top was the pattern, the semi-structured silhouette, the crease-resistant fabrication and the cut-out detail on the sleeves. Karen still wants to look and feel alluring at her age, and this is one way to show some skin while staying covered. 

I love Karen in this top because it’s bold, simple, dramatic, and of course, flattering. It’s in her favourite colour palette, black and white, and in one of her favourite patterns, animal print. It meets her strict sleeve length coverage requirement. It’s in a knit, which is Karen’s preference. And it’s on trend. This spells perfect in my book. 

We added even more drama to the top by pairing it with flared black jeans. Somehow, the extra volume on the bottom creates the best visual balance for the top. Because things cool down in Seattle, having a topper on hand is a good idea on most Summer days. We went with a denim jacket because Karen LOVES her denim jackets, and because it tones down the boldness of the top. That way Karen gets to enjoy the drama and tone it down all in one day. 

We finished off the outfit with Anyi Lu’s Luisa sandal in black patent, a black patent bag, graphic silver earrings and all essential shades. Karen’s beautiful glass green eyes provide the pop of colour along with a bit of magenta lipstick and gloss. 

Thank you Karen, for generously sharing your time and style with us. I can’t adequately express how much I love working with you and how much you inspire me. Apart from getting serious about how we feel about fashion and style, we also laugh and laugh and laugh. And laugh again. We truly have the best time. Cheers to many more seasons of fashion fun! 

As you can see by her reaction, my little assistant on photo shooting day was as impressed as we were with Karen’s stamina and grace.

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