Cold shoulders, split sleeves, or peek-a-boo sleeves. Whatever you prefer to call this clever style detail, I can’t rave enough about the gorgeous effect that it has on the body. The silhouette is both covered and alluring. Breezy and interesting. Ageless and timeless. 

The beauty of the style lies in the cut out effect that exposes a small portion of the top part of the shoulder and upper arm, but nothing else. In my mind, this is always a pretty part of the body and worth exposing. The cut out also creates an attractive drape. Furthermore, you don’t need to wear a special bra, and a camisole is optional unless the fabric is sheer. Ideal for hot weather. 

You’ll find cold shoulder detailing on tops and dresses, both in knits and woven fabrications, solids and patterns, and all sorts of styles. Of course, some cold shoulders are more cut away than others and it’s up to you to find the version that is the most suitable.  

I’ve fitted a cold shoulder dress or top on petites, regulars, plus sizes and tall ladies of all ages and they ALL look divine in the style. Remarkable! Dare I say it’s a pretty flop proof vibe.

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