I have suggested that you make a pile for sentimental items when you edit your closet. These are the items that you don’t wear, but that you can’t part with either because they tell a story, remind you of good times, or just make you smile. You can store them in a “sentimental box” that you keep away from the rest of your wardrobe items. That way you can look at them from time to time and think about those memories.¬†

I also have clients who prefer to take photos of their sentimental items instead of keeping them. The photo serves as the keepsake.

Personally, a photo is not an adequate substitute for the items in my sentimental box. But I have so few items in there that it’s no bother to store them. So for now, I definitely want to keep the physical items so that I can hold them when I want to¬†reminisce.

How about you? Will a photo of the item work as well as keeping the sentimental piece itself?