You are on Team Jacket if you prefer jackets to coats, and vice versa. Note that any style of jacket or coat counts. From leather motos, blazers, denim jackets, tweed jackets, avant-garde and retro styles, shrunken silhouettes and bombers, to any style of wool coat, faux fur coat, trench or puffer. 

I love the structure, outfit interest, and dressy integrity of a jacket. I used to like jackets more than coats, but have moved over to Team Coat. Now I prefer coats because they are warmer than jackets, and the styles I choose are a tad more elegant and crisp than my jackets, which tend to be a bit boyish. I also like the dramatic effect and longer length of a coat. So I’m more into wearing coats over knitwear than jackets over knitwear these days. And when it’s sufficiently cold, I wear a jacket layered under a coat, and make sure my coats fit to accommodate those layers. 

In Seattle, I have lots of opportunity to wear wool coats because I run cold, and am frequently out and about. My puffers come out when it’s around freezing or below and snowing, which doesn’t happen that frequently here. Jackets, in all sorts of weights, I can virtually wear year round so there is ample opportunity to wear those types of toppers too. But still, I’m batting for Team Coat because I love, love, love coats. 

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Jacket or Team Coat? Tell us why and no batting for both sides.