One of the reasons I pin outfits from runway shows is to remember unique and interesting colour combinations. They provide inspiration when I shop and put together outfits for my clients, and for myself. For example, I learned how versatile blush pink can be from last month’s Spring 2014 collections, when it was remixed with all sorts of colours and the combinations worked beautifully. 

Blush was used as a dominant, accent or secondary colour in these outfits:  

I love that there are few outfit colour rules these days. Mix black with pastels. Mix colours of different levels of saturation. Wear mismatched tones of the same colour. Wear colours that “clash” because the effect is quite harmonious. Mix dirty tones with clean colours.

Perhaps most importantly, we can wear colours that don’t love us back, and perhaps blush pink is one of those colours. It is for me, yet my blush pink moto jacket functions as a neutral and is an unexpected wardrobe workhorse. 

Although these colour combinations have been shown for Spring and Summer, by all means sport them year round. I’m going to wear blush pink with tomato red and cream as soon as possible. Why not?

Blush Pink on the Runway