I adored Moira Redmond’s roundup of women wearing trousers in the world of fiction. As in real life, ladies who wore pants were frowned upon in books too during the first half of the 20th century, so these “pioneers of the pant” truly were sartorial trailblazers.

Sally recently did a post on the rise and crotch fit of pants with helpful suggestions for women who are struggling with this issue.

Refinery29 published “In Defense Of Black Work Slacks” as a reaction to Emma Rosenblum’s piece “Ladies, Please Burn Your Black Work Pants” in Bloomberg Business Week. I see absolutely nothing wrong with an amazing pair of perfectly fitting black trousers, for work or play, and am curious to hear your take on this.

Fab Links from Our Members

Nicole D recently discovered Verily Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle mag that does not retouch their models, and has some great features with everyday people wearing designer duds.

Mochi would like to share this fun article that makes you look forward to getting older and being all the more fabulous and outrageous.

Some of the sales tactics in this article with tips from a retail guru were new to Classically Casual, and she thought they could benefit others too. 

Angie loves the straight vertical and horizontal lines in this outfit

Deb enjoyed watching this Thierry Mugler video with ’80s ready-to-wear fashion shows: the shoulders, the hair and the sci-fi do bring back memories.

Vicki is a huge fan of leather jackets and could easily fall in love with many of the styles in these two tempting roundups.

Suz thought that Sally’s piece on working with limited shoe options might be helpful for people who are very limited in the type of footwear they can use. Don’t forget to check out the readers’ comments too, as they contain additional tips.

Rebecca over at The Clothes Horse shares her thoughts on selfies. Neel found the post thought-provoking and recommends it as a must-read for everyone who takes their own pictures (or not).

Lisa liked Bridgette Raes’ post about the ten item wardrobe concept because it goes into the reasons why it may not work for some.

Maria’s method of doing inspiration and mood boards really appeals to Vildy. This Norwegian blogger has published a series of exercises to help everyone find their own style, from people who haven’t thought much about clothes to the super fashion savvy who are perhaps intellectualizing things too much.