Time to check in on the style goals I set in January. To recap, my Style Descriptor (or Style Moniker) is Urban Polish. I live in the city, walk almost everywhere in all sorts of weather with doggies in tow, wear smart casual and dressy clothes daily, and extremely comfortable shoes that go the distance. I aspire to wear outfits that reflect five carefully chosen adjectives: Modern, Crisp, Retro, Playful, and Dressy.

This year is a big shopping year because I needed to replace Summer dresses, pants and shirts, all sorts of knitwear, refresh my beach and pool capsule, and add dressier attire. I’m catching up in record time because I’m finding what I want at the right prices. The ‘90s is the decade that continues to trend. Although I’m not a ‘90s dresser, there is plenty of my favourite ‘70s and ‘80s influence in ‘90s trends to keep me happy. Also, my new dark blonde hair has made my complexion more earth-tone friendly. This has helped with the abundance of earth tones at retail.

Let’s look at which goals I managed to achieve, and which are a work in progress:

General Style Goals

  • Carry on doing what I’m doing. CHECK.

Many of my style and wardrobe decisions, strategies, and processes have become intuitive and are on autopilot. They are internalized habits that work well for me. I feel more confident with my style and shopping decisions at age 53 than ever. It’s very comforting that my style and wardrobe are the one area of my life I do not stress about. I trust my instincts, relax into my style journey, and have fun with it. If I’m unsure about an outfit, silhouette, or colour, I ask my in-house fashion stylist hubs Greg what he thinks. Sorted.

  • Grow my hair another four inches. CHECK

With regular trims to give my hair some shape, I’ve been growing it out from a pixie for twenty months. I also stopped colouring my hair. I’m sporting my natural darker honey blonde colour and enjoying it. I hope to be at one of the hairstyles and lengths I have in mind by the end of the year. I will continue growing it next year to achieve the other hairstyles I have in mind.

Specific Shopping Goals

  • Add wardrobe items in bright sour green, because the colour is finally available at retail and is one of my favourites. CHECK.

An acidic and sour lime and apple green is my colour of the year. There was less of it at retail than I expected, but I managed to do alright. I stretched the lime green requirement to bright emerald items, which were easier to find.

I got a patterned dress, a cotton pullover, a pointelle top, a puffy sleeve knitted top, and a printed blouse. The dark and muted greens are brighter in person than the stock photos. I’ve worn them all frequently, and much enjoy these greens.

I have my eye on this pullover and skirt set when I refresh for Autumn, which I can also wear in Spring:

  • Re-evaluate tired cotton knitwear and replace as needed. CHECK

I passed on a lot of knitwear and I’m building back my capsules. I found fab cotton knitwear in just the right colours. The Ralph Lauren Polo cabled pullover in bright yellow is the favourite. It’s classic vibe, silky feel, extra fab fit, dressier look, and luxe integrity have gone down well. The sporty J. Crew pullovers are super for very casual days.

  • Re-evaluate tired white jeans and replace as needed. CHECK

I passed on three pairs of white jeans and a pair of white pants over the last three years. I managed to replace them with a pair of extra wide leg jeans, a pair of off-white wide cropped chinos, and a pair of slouchy and pleated ‘80s pants. White jeans and pants are one of my favourite things. The items are wardrobe essentials and workhorses. The wide jeans have been wonderfully dramatic. The wide crops are beautifully refined and chic in that signature Ralph Lauren POLO way. The slouchy pants from J.Crew are extremely breezy and lightweight, remind me of what I wore as a teen in the ‘80s, and perfect on a hot Summer’s day.

  • Replace beaten up tomato red loafers. NO.

I haven’t managed to do this, and will put them on my Spring and Summer shopping list for 2024.

  • Add dressy and refined white fisherman sandals or ankle-strap flats. NO / CHECK

I didn’t find dressy white fisherman sandals, but I did find cream ankle-strap flats that have become Summer workhorses. Super comfy, versatile, and pretty on the foot. I also found a pair of dressy white Mary Janes that suitably fill a wardrobe hole.

  • Add a pastel blue or pastel pink dressy coat. NO.

Instead of pastel pink, I got a long bubblegum pink wool coat at this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s better than a pastel pink coat for my style. It has gorgeous pink tortoiseshell buttons to match, and I modelled it in a forum post. It’s going to be a festive and versatile topper to wear as soon as the weather cools.

Also, instead of a pastel blue coat, I’m going to add a long oatmeal coat to my coat capsule. I got a short oatmeal wool coat last year, and it’s been an absolute workhorse. My only wish is that it was longer.

  • Embellish my high Summer capsule, because Seattle Summers are hotter than they used to be. CHECK.

I love wearing Summer clothes and found exactly what I was looking for at Zara, J.Crew, Ralph Lauren POLO, and Boden this year. Cotton and linen fabrics, breezy and on-trend silhouettes, affordable prices, nice quality, and in just the right neutrals and non-neutrals. I’ve put every item through its paces several times in our warm and hot weather, and they’ve been perfect. I’m much impressed with how well the items have laundered.

I like the ‘90s co-ord trend, and got two pants sets, and a skirt set. I don’t wear oversized clothing, but make the exception in Summer for oversized cotton and linen shirts. Covered and very breezy. I’m a shirtdress gal, and love eyelet, so those items speak for themselves. I like open-weave beachy sweaters and got one in orange instead of my usual white. The Charlie’s Angels denim jumpsuit was a wild card, and one of the most fun things I got this year. I also got a new pair of prescription sunglasses. I came full circle and chose the same round and gold classic Ray-Bans I had 30 years ago. They’ve been one of my best buys of the year.

  • Embellish my formal and semi-formal capsule. NO and CHECK.

Unless I need a formal gown, I’m abandoning the idea of adding more formal wear to my wardrobe. What I got last year works splendidly for now. Instead, I focussed on adding versatile dressier items that I can dress up and down. I frequently wear dressy items so it makes more sense.

I scored at sale time, and my birthday gifts were wonderful. I got a brown suit at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and a stunning plaid blazer and a pair of wide tan pants for my birthday. The wool orange pants were going for a song so I got those too. Only one left in my size, a great fit, and meant to be. The gold bag was discounted 75% at YOOX.com, and I grabbed it. All items except for the brown suit have been worn and thoroughly enjoyed. The plaid blazer from hubs Greg is the most special wardrobe addition of the year.

We are going on vacation at the tail end of Summer. This meant that I had to refresh my beach and pool capsule. I’m glad it’s done! Some of the items have been put through their paces at the pool, and I’m thrilled with the results.

Last but not least, I found a pair of perfectly fitting tall tailored boots in an earthy shade of whiskey at this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. A HEWI that had been on my shopping list for fifteen years. This means I can wear skirts and dresses in colder weather, and I can’t wait to debut them in about a month. The remaining item on this year’s shopping list is a bag to tonally match these boots. I’ve ordered this one from YOOX.com with an 80% discount. The boots are darker than in the stock photo so they might be a great match.

I feel set, and won’t be doing much more shopping in 2023. I’ve had an excellent year. I am thoroughly enjoying the earthy additions to my colour palettes that complement my new hair. They work well alongside my sour brights, all sorts of blues, and assortment of whites. The changemy word for the year — feels very, very good.