At the end 2022, my wardrobe had 85 pieces and it now counts 88.

I bought 27 pieces, 16 of them were direct replacement and the remaining 11 were adjustments to align with my 2023 goals. I did a lot of editing and feel it is still unfinished. I guess Annie's post on checking in the 2023 style goals is a good point to look at where I am and heading for the final quarter of the year.

Identify my style descriptors and start taking pictures to improve my style. - Ongoing. I am taking few pictures every now and then and have listed out few words for a descriptor but my confidence is still a challenge.

Review shoes and boots based on lifestyle and heel’s height and replace as necessary. - CHECK
I donated 4 pairs and replaced 3 shoes and it's finally a dream to walk/get dressed in the morning! I may decide to donate another pair before the end of the year.

Invest in the right underwear/essentials pieces to fit with size changes.

Underwear and essentials have been replenished and bra fitting has revealed that I was wearing the wrong size. Getting an appointment with a professional bra was one of the best moves of the year! Planning to make it an annual habit.

Choose seasonal pieces which works for the UK and FR weather in a smart casual environment and experiment different textures.

- CHECK and Ongoing

Pieces added so far can work with both climates.

Continue to buy preloved and when possible replace black pieces with navy or light neutrals.

- CHECK and Ongoing

Getting there! I have added 4 preloved items (pictures below) which are helping to test different styles and colours that I slightly unsure. Neutrals (especially light neutrals) are very appealing during these time. I did not purchase a single black piece so far!

Create a capsule of accent accessories, tbc if metallic, turquoise or camel.

- CHECK and Ongoing for turquoise and metallic belts - not sure camel would suit me and if I should look into a sand or beige colour.

Sorry for the long post! If you have any suggestions or comments, I'd be very grateful as I fell I am hitting a wall at the moment.