A highly elusive wardrobe item, or HEWI for short, is an item on your shopping list that you are struggling to find. Maybe it isn’t available, or it’s available but at an unaffordable price point. A HEWI can stay on your shopping list for years. Sometimes you give up and move on. And sometimes you find them. 

I’ve had a pair of affordable-to-me cream or tan tailored, classic, and fairly dressy knee-high boots on my shopping list since 2008. These boots need to be low-heeled, refined, simple, comfortable, and impeccable quality. They can’t have black heels and soles, or look chunky. Most of all, they have to be a perfect fit on my narrow, 13 inch calves.

If you have narrow calves, you’ll understand how tricky it is to find tall boots with zippers that fit in a tailored and sharp way around your legs. Years ago, I went the custom-made route, which was pricey and disastrous. The tailor-made boots fit my calves just fine, but were uncomfortable so I couldn’t wear them. They also didn’t look sharp. I couldn’t try the silhouette beforehand to assess comfort levels, and I couldn’t return them because they were custom. I doubt I will have footwear custom-made again. It’s too risky for my very fussy feet.

Over the years, I kept this HEWI on my shopping list but stopped actively searching for tall dressy boots that fit my budget, style requirements and comfort needs. I still believed that one day these boots would find me.

They did.

The Aquatalia Rozaria Knee High Boot caught my eye at this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The brand typically works well for my feet, so I looked a little closer. The boots fit my sartorial requirements, budget, and looked narrow on the calf. I tried them, and was shocked at how great they felt and looked. Although the boots weren’t cream or tan, the gentle shade of whiskey is an even better match with my new, naturally darker honey blonde hair. Excellent bookending in outfits. Excellent match with Yorkies Sam and Jo. A ‘70s integrity, and weatherproof to boot. All good things come to those who wait, and HEWIs sometimes find you when you aren’t looking for them.

Look at that neat, sharp, and tidy fit. A pleasant surprise!

Boot Fit

I re-fitted and reassessed the boots in my dressing room at home, happily dancing around in the 30-degree Celcius heat. I LOVE these boots, which have opened up a world of outfit possibilities. Now I can wear skirts and dresses in colder weather with and without hosiery. I can pop them under shorter wide cropped pants too. Although it’s Summer and too hot to wear these beauties, I did a quick little outfit creation session and you can see the pictures in the forum.

Can’t wait to wear these boots.