There are items on our shopping list that we don’t purchase because they simply do not exist. Or they exist at an unaffordable price point. This is what I call a highly elusive wardrobe item, or “HEWI”. 

The most elusive wardrobe item on my list is a pair of dressy and tailored cream knee-high boots that fit my narrow thirteen inch calf circumference. The boots must be low heeled, impeccable quality, and fairly pointy on the toe. Add to that the need for comfort, and it’s an even taller order. Dressy and tailored, low heeled boots to fit a narrow calf are hard to find in any colour. The fact that I want them in cream, well made and comfortable, makes them even more elusive. 

After five years of searching, I’m prepared to pay a high price for these knee-high cream boots. I also need to replace my dressy low heeled black knee-high boots that are looking the worse for wear after hard work in bad weather for eight years. I will not pass those on until I have a replacement.

At this stage I’ve given up and I’m no longer actively searching for tall dressy boots in black and cream that fit my style requirements and comfort needs. All good things come to those who wait, so I believe that these highly elusive wardrobe items are going to find me one day. And when they do, the victory will be sweeter. Right now, I’m relaxing into the fact that I can’t find what I want and I’m focusing on what is available to me. 

In the meantime, it’s so much easier to find short Winter booties and formal pumps that fit the bill so that’s where I’m spending my fashion dollars. Thank goodness I have my golden oldie, tall black dressy boots, and falling-apart cream Go Go boots to wear with skirts and dresses for now. These hardworking darlings will have to keep me going until their replacements enter my style life. 

Over to you. Do you have highly elusive wardrobe items on your shopping list that, season after season, are impossible to find? Do you give up searching and relax into it, or are you increasingly frustrated by the fact that they do not exist?