Haul out your jeans and trousers with wider hems. The outfit on the right is dressier and great for business casual. The outfit on the left is more casual, but might work in a relaxed work setting. The tops are key to refreshing the look of flared trousers and jeans. Sure, you can match them with tailored knitwear and knitted tops and look fabulous. But lets go trendy and change things up. Try the following top options instead: 

  • Fluid or oversized cropped knitwear with a welt that is not midriff-baring so that you can semi or faux tuck by adding in a belt for polish and outfit interest. 
  • Fluid or oversized high-low knitwear in a refined and soft fabrication. Because you’re wearing “volume on top of volume” in this version, the high-low hemline is essential for structure as is the drape of the top to ensure that it collapses back onto the body. That way you won’t feel like you’re wearing a shapeless sack. 

Choose any colour palette, in patterns or solids. Here are the components: 

Jeans or Trousers: You’re after flared leg wool trousers, jeans, or trouser jeans. Think streamlined wide legs, or roomy bootcuts if you prefer more structure on the thigh. 

Trendy Top: Choose roomy cropped knitwear, upscale sweatshirts, or high-low knitwear. Cropped knitwear can be chunky or fine gauge. I’ve chosen a chunky style because chunky knits are particularly trendy at the moment. Upscale sweatshirts can be made of mixed media, fleece, or neoprene. High-low knitwear that’s worn at a regular length is best in a soft and fine gauge knit. 

Footwear: I prefer a pointy or almond toe with wide hems so that’s what I’ve chosen in booties. Pumps are also great. Of course, round toes are just fine if pointy toes are not your thing.  

Outerwear: I vote peacoat because many bat for that team. Virtually flop-proof. But a tailored trench coat or wool coat is just as fab. A man coat would work pretty well too, creating nice straight lines against the flared hems of the jeans or trousers. 

Accessories: Finish off the outfit with a belt when wearing cropped knitwear. That way it’s as if you’ve tucked the top, which creates a polished effect. Add jewellery, eyewear, and watch as desired. I’ve thrown in an ink bag to remind you that navy tones with black are a modern combination.  

I have all the components for the dressier outfit on the right, and will be sporting it when I don’t have to traipse around in the rain. Who else is feeling their wider hemmed jeans and trousers this season?

Flared Legs with Trendy Tops