Now that the days of going sockless are over in my neck of the woods, I had fun browsing Refinery 29’s roundup of cute socks for Fall.

What is the etiquette of wearing tights to work in 2013? Some still believe that “the more skin you show at work, the less influence you have”.

According to the Guardian, showing the toe gussets of hosiery is considered edgy and fashion forward again, just like in the mid-’90s. At least, the way Carine Roitfeld has styled them for a Harper’s Bazaar shoot.

Fab Links from Our Members

Deb wishes she could go see the “Suffragettes under Surveillance at Art Under Attack” exhibition at the Tate Britain. At the same time she was shocked to hear that “of the 2,300 works of art in the National Gallery in London, only eleven of the artists are women”.

Angie loved browsing Tommy Ton’s final shortlist of street style shots across New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks for Spring 2014. Lots of fun and over the top outfits to peruse.

This blog posts explains how the Dress Spot works, a search engine for your colour palette. Vildy especially likes the feature that shows you an additional colour palette that is close to what you are looking for, so that you can refine your choice further with more “off shades”. 

Laurinda likes Kate Spade’s library-themed accessories, but is a bit downhearted that the common items of her schooldays are already fashionably retro.

This article really resonated with MaryK because her body image and self-esteem skyrocketed once she started taking daily WIW photos and got used to seeing herself in pictures. Plus, the point that Mums should get out from behind the camera and be in those family photos, can’t be made often enough.

Women’s Fashion Turns to Menswear for Tips“. Pil found this article very interesting, especially after Angie’s post about the man coat trend.

MsMaven recommends reading this San Jose Mercury News article about harmful substances in cosmetics, a topic of concern to most women.

L’Abeille thought this survey of the history of eyebrow fashion, demonstrated via Loretta Young, was riveting.

A sweater with a sequined Santa Claus, and another one with sequined holiday baubles. CocoLion is in a state of semi-shock that the holiday sweater is now a high fashion statement. Would you wear them?