I recently shared that I’m off my item blazers. I love wearing blazers that are part of a pants suit with matching trousers in the same fabric. But I’m less into wearing my item blazers as stand-alone toppers with various separates. Maybe it was the colours and patterns of the blazers I own. Maybe it was their longer length, when I’m preferring shorter jackets right now. Maybe it’s my new softer, longer and darker hairstyle that prefers the more playful look.

Things became crystal clear when I got a bright coral and red plaid blazer for my birthday earlier in the month. All of the factors above played a part. This new item blazer is shorter, brighter, and a lot more playful than most of my current item blazers. It’s a more attractive palette for my new honey blonde hair. Happiness factor is through the roof when I wear my new blazer. I feel magical in it.

I’ve worn my plaid blazer four times in the few weeks I’ve owned it, which is telling. So far it’s been fab with a cream layering top and big tan pants inside an air-conditioned restaurant. I’ve loved it over an orange eyelet dress to keep out the evening chill, which was hubs Greg’s suggestion! I’ve also worn it with white jeans and a white shirt. I’d like to wear it with with my red, blue, and ecru jeans when the weather cools. And red and orange pants. Here are the exact items from my wardrobe.

I’ve passed on my old and longer navy and patterned velvet blazers from Boden to a happy second home. I’ve kept the denim and bright Hobbs blazers because they are shorter and more colourful. It is always good to get to the bottom of why a wardrobe item is working or not working. It sharpens my style tools.