Wardrobe items that I’ve ordered online tend to be delivered in the late afternoon. If I’m home, I try on the items that evening before I change into loungewear and unwind for the day. I get a first impression of the item, but unless it’s really awful, I seldom make my final decision immediately. The artificial light is not ideal and my thinking is not at its best. I prefer to sleep on it before deciding.

I’m a morning person. My clearest thoughts, sharpest thinking, best ideas, and epiphanies happen in the morning. Sometimes early in the morning, right when I wake up. So I revisit my first impressions in the morning, try on items and outfits again, and make my final shopping, wardrobe, outfit, and style decisions then. Also, natural light is better for assessing fabness, or lack thereof.

In fact, I extend this logic to most decisions, because I’m at my most level-headed best in the morning. How about you?