My birthday was 7 weeks ago on July 9. I got the Smythe blazer, the big tan pants, and orange trousers. I wore the blazer with the tan pans out for fancy sushi on my birthday like this. It was a chilly air-conditioned setting so I was glad to have the coverage!

This is my FAVOURITE ITEM BLAZER OF ALL TIME. It could not be more perfect. I've worn it quite a bit already. The pants too! Versatile items for my style.

My bold statement of the day:

Modern Classic is my Fashion- Forward

I'm organically adding and wearing more classics. They suit me, feel gorgeously luxe and elegant, and make me happy! It feels fashion-forward to wear a higher percentage of classics at the moment because they feel "new" and are beyond trends - which I love wearing too, btw! I'm a Trendy Classic.

The BIG pair of tan pair pants are a fringe trend at this exaggerated width. The orange pants are a fringe trend I see coming down the runways too. Straight high waist pants that are full length with a bit of scrunch. Polar opposite to each other and super fun! The grommet belt and ten year old gold loafers are trendy. My eyewear is retro.

The blazer is a classic. Loud and unique in the screaming plaid.

My new hair, blouse, knitted top, gold belt, both bags, cream loafers, make-up, and pearls are classic.

Sam and Jo are in a league of their own

The orange blouse had to be mine. Dutch orange, stirrups, and horse bits for my horse capsule. Enough said! Wore it untucked for a change too. It feels stunning!

Hair Update: Desperately need a re-shape. The back grows faster than the front, and I want the front longer. Trim next week. VERY much enjoying my natural colour, and the length that finally looks more attractive to my eye. Far fewer bad hair days.

Thanks for looking! xo