You look amazing! Love those tan pants...and your natural hair color!

You look positively fabulous! The jacket is truly just perfect on you and every outfit is a delightful winner. Love how your hair goes with Sam and Jo's furry coats too!

So gorgeous! I love the bright, fun colors in both the blazer and the blouse. And your hair is looking fabulous too.

That blazer is swoon worthy. I love the super wide legged pants reminds me of the 70’s. Everything look gorgeous and beautifully made.
Your upbeat personality and smile make the outfit.

Angie, I should mention I was referring to Einstein's cousin Ralph who worked in sewer maintenance.

He was still pretty cluey though !

I'm tempted to get something loud and orange now. You wear it so well !

Orange is amazing on you! Love how happy it makes you look and great silhouettes as well, fab outfits for a great day!

Thanks, everyone!

nanncylee, as an orange and coral lover yourself, you like the palette of these outfits!

Jaime, such gracious words! Fabulous to match my stylish Sam and Jo

Karie, thanks for being very supportive of me and my hair!

Debbie, awwwh! What a lovely thing to say. You are a sweetheart.

Cee, Ralph sounds fab, and shares my super power

Sally, come on over to Team Orange!

Minaminu, appreciate your kind compliments! My happy colours make me happy

Column, full length pants with a tucked top elongate the leg line something fierce.

Stunning! I LOVE your hair ... It really suits you like this! Everything looks so fun and fresh, yet also very classic and classy. YLF!

Hah, it's so much fun to see these fashion forward looks on somebody trusted wearing them in IRL- it makes all of them more approachable and trains our eyes! You always radiate confidence in your bright colors dutch orange loves you back, and I love the new blazer, those 2 new very different pants -soooooo all K2K!

All lovely but the top to toe orange is my favourite!Happy belated birthday.

Helena and Lyn67, that is high praise! WOW. I'm blushing, Thanks for the awfully gracious compliments

Cardiff Girl, I love orange! Thank you,

I love, love, love your hair. Trying to figure out why. Love your glasses as well. I'll have to figure it out. I like the first jacket.

Being open to change and experimenting is great. Sometimes I wonder if it's other people who want to put us in a box as far as style, and make it harder to leave that box.

I will continue to watch your hair story with great interest.

Great outfits! I love those orange pants - are they like a cigarette style? Longer than that I suppose. It is so hard for me to figure out these new lengths. Love the hair too - it seems a perfect length now.

MsMaven, thanks for the hair love! That means a lot. I like my natural hair colour! It's sooooo much easier than getting highlights every 6 weeks. The condition is healthy too. Feel free to start a separate thread with your questions, and I will try my best to answer them.

RobinF, thank you! Yes! The orange pants are a cigarette silhouette. The high waist and slightly scrunched hems are key to their on trend look.

Just WOW and belated Happy Birthday wishes!!

Gorgeous! You look amazing in orange (my favourite colour). The Smythe blazer is beautiful. The colours and the cut are fabulous.

Pill, thanks, and how lovely to see you chime in

Style Fan, go Team Orange! Appreciate the kind words.

The new blazer is divine and perfect for your style! The outfits are all stunning, it is impossible to pick a favorite. Low the hair as well. Simply beautiful all around.

Famous Einstein quotes ~

Albert Einstein, Scientist: " E=MC2 "

Ralph Einstein, Sewerage Maintenance Director: " Mein Gott... Well, dat's a stench that will outlast religion... Woo boy ! "

Tanya, I'm blushing! Thank you! Always wonderful to see you chime in

Cee, you make me laugh. Seriously, I hope you and your tribe are well!

We keep our spears sharp, our nulla nullas blunt and our boomerangs return like an overdone steak !