I’m excited to turn 53 over the weekend. We celebrate a birthday month at the Cox Castle, with small celebrations throughout the month to make the birthday person feel special. Yorkies Sam and Jo think it’s their birthdays, helping to unwrap the presents, and enjoying the festivities as much as we do. 

2023 is shaping up to be a good year for hubs Greg and me. After four tough and stressful years for our families, this is very welcome. I’m grateful that things are more or less back to normal, post-pandemic. Travelling and socializing more freely is thrilling and so enjoyable. We’re taking full advantage and making up for lost time.

I’m happy and blessed. My word for the year was CHANGE, and I am thankful for how my life has changed for the better. We are finally moving forward with a large remodel of our Seattle loft, and although things are far from resolved, the process is exhilarating. The work project that I wanted to get off the ground is going like a Boeing. I am out of my rut and feeling re-energized. I’m back to working full-time with my fabulous clientele, which I find rewarding and therapeutic. I’m back to doing an active yoga practice almost daily. Our little family of four has much better work-life balance and spends quality time together. I’ve learned to say no to things to prevent unnecessary pressure. I’m finding it easier than ever to be easy-going and spontaneous, and to roll with the punches. My slow-growing hair has grown into a style that I like, which only took 18 months!

Age is surreal. I look in the mirror and see me at 53 years. I also see the child, teen, and young adult in my middle-aged self. I feel 53, 40, 25, 16 and 8 years old at once. It’s strange and wonderful to feel an assortment of ages after five decades of living. It makes life richer and more satisfying.

I’m a high energy person, who rarely sits still. As Greg says, “you are a very busy bee!” My energy levels will decrease at some point, but for now, I’m going to ride the crest of that wave until it falls. Speaking of which, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale begins next week, which is my busiest time of year. As tired as I am when I come back from a day at the sale working with my clients, I love every moment of it. It’s a good tired that’s worth it. Copious quantities of Earl Grey tea do help.

Angie, Sam and Jo

Angie, Sam and Jo