I used to regularly wear belts with jeans and pants, but then stopped for many years. I just wasn’t in the mood for belts and felt better leaving them off my outfits. This year, I felt like wearing them again. Good thing I held onto most of my belts, and could shop my closet for a good assortment. Some are almost twenty years old, and look perfect. I also bought two new belts to refresh my capsule.

These are the belts I am fondly wearing this year. The first two in the collection are new. The last three are very old.

Whether my belt is a super skinny subtle metallic, or a statement-making grommet and studded look, it finishes off my outfit in a polished and interesting way. It adds textural interest, or a bit of shine, and can pull together a look with matching footwear. Belts are an example of how the addition of a small accessory can have a strong visual impact on an outfit. My chunky white pearl necklaces are similarly small, and also pack a punch. Do not underestimate the power of accessories despite their small size. They can be inexpensive too.

Over to you. Is there a small accessory that regularly amps up your style quotient? Maybe it’s the addition of more than one accessory that improves your outfits.