I love shocking pink, and didn't own or play with Barbies. I ate pink bubblegum when my Mama wasn't around since this was a taboo thing growing up. Rebelliously, I bat for Team Bubblegum!

Have had a mid-tone pink coat on my shopping list for years. Went for shocking pink instead. More me anyway. The correct colour is less purple than my pics. But brighter and darker than the stock photo.

LOVE IT SOOO MUCH! MEGA happiness-factor! I hope the quality holds up the way I want it to. Only one way to find out....

The matching pink tortoiseshell buttons are delicious and a chic detail. The long length and simple modern classic silhouette are perfect-for-me. It's a wool blend, so not scratchy. (Yes! I can layer my knitwear and thermals comfortably underneath).


The coat is NOT styled. I popped it over today's Summer outfit so that you can see it - and so that I can prance around in it despite the 30C heat

Good match with NAS Kate Spade Bag and Jo's collar.

The citron outfit is what I'm wearing today - with the new NAS Vionic loafers and KS bag. Go Team Wear! Soooooo keeping the loafers. Supportive, comfy, dainty, modern classic, versatile, "my look", and $90. Too good a match to pass up.