I’ve been wearing many of my older items this year. In many cases I haven’t worn them in recent seasons, so it feels like I’ve added new items to my wardrobe. Only they required zero shopping effort, fit perfectly right away, and didn’t cost a cent. 

The exact wardrobe oldies and golden oldies are represented in the collection below. They lived happily with the rest of my wardrobe, and weren’t stashed away in a holding zone or separate closet. They fell out of favour simply because I was feeling different or newer wardrobe items more that season. Yet when they were reviewed during monthly closet edits, they continued to earn a place in my wardrobe because they sparked joy despite lack of wear. That’s why I don’t believe in passing on wardrobe items that are left unworn for a season or more IF you still love them, they fit, and they are in good nick.

My seven year old navy Theory blazer became my best travel topper for long flights. The short neon coat and citron trench coat were wonderfully warm during our chilly Spring, and fit well over the slim-fitting tops and knitwear I’ve been wearing this year. The old seafoam leather jacket and cropped twinset are fab with newer high-rise bottoms because they are short.

When I bought the red loafers three years ago, I triplicated in white and blush. I wore the white into the ground right away, the blush next, and the red the least. This year, I haven’t worn the white or blush at all, and I’ve worn the red a lot. They have a matching red belt that went virtually unworn for three years because I wasn’t into belts. But I bought the belt anyway because tomato red belts with gold hardware are hard to find. This year, my old red belt and loafers are workhorses with the addition of a few new pairs of wide crops.

I bought a navy and burgundy Furla satchel about three years ago. The burgundy became an instant workhorse, while the navy rarely came out to play. This year, the burgundy hasn’t come out at all, and I reach for the navy often because I like the way it neutralizes my extra bright and somewhat maximal 2019 outfits.

I’ve had the plaid shirt for years, and wore it a few times around the holidays. This year, I much preferred sporting it in the Summer with white jeans and red accents because why not! You don’t have to reserve tartan for Christmas.

And last, my ten year old grey pinstriped Theory suit came out to play with citron sneakers and bag after hibernating for six years. My five year old white flares made a smashing re-debut at a dinner party last week with new Stella McCartney zipper top and cream Vagabond booties.

I find it satisfying and fun to shop my closet for old items that haven’t seen much wear recently. Rediscovering them and wearing them feels like I got an extra wardrobe stash for Christmas. Incorporating them into outfits in new ways and with new items is refreshing and panders to my need to be creative. Absence can absolutely make the heart grow fonder.