Today I’m paying tribute to an INCREDIBLE wardrobe piece that is absolutely dripping with quality. Seven years ago when I was into all things Theory, I bought their Gabe Edition 2 Blazer in ink blue as a separate to wear with jeans, trousers and dresses. It’s a Modern Classic topper that’s on the fluid side of tailored, crisp in the extreme, lightweight, and very streamlined. It’s dressy yet relaxed, structured yet soft, professional yet comfortable, and strict yet versatile. The sleeves turn back to showcase contrast pinstriped lining, just for fun.

Over the years I’ve gone through phases of wearing the blue Theory blazer a lot, and not at all. It survived countless wardrobe edits during its dormant phase, because whenever I put it on to assess how I felt in it, my reaction was the same. I cannot let go of a piece that is impeccably made, fits like a dream, looks sharp, has a high longevity factor, and makes me happy.

Now I’m back to wearing the blazer more frequently because it has a dedicated spot in my travel capsule. It’s THE best topper to wear on long flights, and here’s why. I just came back from a trip to South Africa and wore the blazer on four very long flights and during long layovers at the airport. I wore the blazer for 32 hours straight on the way there, and again on the way back. I didn’t take it off at all at airports, on flights, or in the car. I slept, ate, read, watched movies, and hung out in it. It did not crease at all, which is mind-blowing! It repels lint and dirt, and is very robust. It looks every bit as fresh after hectic plane travel as it does straight after a visit to the cleaners. It’s super comfortable, flattering, and makes anything you wear with it look pulled together and dressy. I ran in it when I needed to get somewhere in a hurry, and I felt insulated in air conditioning. If this blazer isn’t the epitome of exceptional quality, fit, drape and fabric, I don’t know what is. I am in awe of this old topper, and will keep it until it falls apart.

Recently when travelling I wore the blazer over a long-sleeved knit top with floral pants, pearls, sneakers, specs and a crossbody. The exact items of my travel outfit are shown in the collection. I was able to launder the top and pants before I wore the exact same outfit to fly back home. The blazer hung in a closet to air out.

All these years later and the blazer is still available in black, grey, navy and burgundy. It’s a retail winner, and for good reason.