I mentioned in a recent post about pastels that I enjoy the soft shades combined with black and white together. That way you keep the bold of the black and the freshness of the white. I particularly like black and white worn with light blue. And faded denim can be used as the light blue component of the ensemble, which instantly makes the combination more wearable. 

There are many, many effective ways to combine these colours, both with solids and patterns. Black and white patterns can be worn with faded denim bottoms. Light blue trousers can be worn with colour blocked black and white tops. Create a column of colour with faded jeans and a denim shirt, top with a black jacket, and finish off the look with white footwear and bag. Wear a white dress with a light blue jacket and black footwear. The possibilities are endless. 

Here are three on trend smart casual looks to get your creative juices flowing: 

White Jeans, Black Top & Light Blue Topper

Combine white jeans with a black top and light blue jacket. Add black shoes and a white or black bag. A black belt is optional if you’re going to partially tuck the front of the top. I’ve chosen a fashionable drape front blouse, but do choose a style that works for you. I’ve also added a patterned top that works with the palette if prints are your thing. I’ve kept the shoes casual with a pair of slip-on sneakers, but booties, cut-out booties, sandals, loafers, slipper flats, wedges and ankle strap flats would also work well. 

Black Bottoms, White Top & Denim Jacket

This is the easiest way to wear the colour palette. Combine black bottoms with a white top and faded blue denim jacket. Finish off the look with white or black footwear, and a light blue, white or black bag. I’ve chosen black culottes, but a black skirt or pair of trousers will do just fine. A light blue jacket will work just as well as a denim one. 

Faded Bell-Bottoms, Pussy Bow Blouse & Vest 

This is the ‘70s rendition. Combine a pair of faded denim flares with a white pussy bow blouse (also known as a neck-tie blouse), and complete the look with a black topper, pointy toe pumps and chain handle bag. I’ve chosen a vest, but a short black jacket works equally well. I vote tuck the blouse in for a true ‘70s vibe. Add a skinny belt if you need to fill out those belt loops. Heeled pointy toes work well under flares because the toe boxes peek out from under the hems. Platform wedges are another footwear option. Add jewellery, scarves, headgear, eyewear and watch as desired. 

Ensemble: Black, White and Light Blue

I wear this colour combination quite frequently. Recently, I combined my light blue satin trousers with a contrast overlay sweater and white Paul Green loafers. I finished off the look with my citron trench and turquoise bag, which takes the palette in another direction. But indoors, without the topper and bag, it’s this palette to a T. I can also create a similar vibe to the ‘70s ensemble above with a new white pussy bow blouse I bought in Hong Kong.