I was so inspired by Angie's combo of black, white and light blue that I used it for the whole week. I may keep going for a while yet.
Day 1: (Saturday errands) blue and white floral denim shirt, black jeans, black belt as my only third piece. Too snowy and muddy to wear my blue or my black and white sneakers... This shirt doesn't get enough wear--the blue is too turquoise-y to work with indigo denim, but I quite like the look with black jeans. These pants have a fairly high rise but it's still below my waist; this is the lowest waist that I can do with a full tuck.

Day 2: I have just started playing guitar at our new church, and I'm still trying to find my mojo. Jeans are out (I prefer ladylike) but so are my hats and Chanel style jackets (too cumbersome). I decided on my versatile black pleated maxi skirt, topped with my silk cardi (turquoise or robin's egg?) wrapped with a tied turquoise belt. I wore some very old round-toed ballerinas with a crisscross strappy front, because I don't have those gorgeous pointy Billy Ellas, and because I didn't want to tower over DH in heels.

Day 3: See my big smile? That's because I'm wearing SHOES NOT BOOTS! My patent oxfords (muddy by day's end but still.) blue and white pinstripe shirt semitucked, white grandpa cardi (it has POCKETS) and black Ponte skinnies.

Day 4: These blue suede jeans get about one wear a year. Warm and lined but springy in colour, so I declared them dressy enough for work. Added a white tennis sweater and a black and white check scarf for the contrast I need next to my face with pastels. (That's what is so genius about mixing with black AND white; plus I get my entire wardrobe to play with.) The shoes in the photo are placeholders for the heeled booties and heeled loafers I wore to work, so the hems didn't bunch like this.

Day 5: A bit Audrey. I kept this white detachable collar from a. Grace Kelly ish dress that just didn't work for me. It serves nicely to provide contrast with a pale crewneck sweater (and keeps the neck from itching too). These houndstooth pants are a bit mom ish but I wore it with a white coat that hid the baggy butt and poufy thighs. The pattern is tinier than the recent trendy iteration, but it's the scale of the new season's gingham so there's that. I don't like the way the lower legs cling; I chose knee-high socks to avoid further leg shortening look of bare leg above the sock when I sit, but it backfired. Again I wore heeled black booties not these flats.

Thanks for reading if you bore with me this long. I have a few more up my sleeve yet. Trying for a 70s silhouette tomorrow. I have a small collection of pale blue items, that I crave wearing now when it ought to be spring, then never look at once it truly warms up, so this helps me bring them all out to play. I'm not bored yet. On the other hand, my other pastels--a pale green and a pink scarf -- have been out once each and I'm done.

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