This ultra casual ensemble was inspired by a client who showed me her new olive boyfriend skinny khakis from Old Navy. I loved them on her. They are a softer and more lightweight alternative to jeans, and fabulous rolled at the hems. They come in an assortment of colours and sizes, and cost $19. Coincidentally, I had recently pinned a street style shot of Gwyneth Paltrow in slouchy olive khakis, grey tee, black blazer and gladiators because I thought the look would go down well with some of my clients. I guess we were on the same wavelength. 

It’s a comfortable and pulled together casual look for Mums and gals on the go. The outfit on the left is the trendier version and sans topper, while the outfit on the right is a tad more classic. I’ve stuck to neutrals, but choose any colour palette that tickles your fancy. Here are the components: 

Bottoms: A pair of dead simple cotton khakis in olive or another colour will do the trick. Make sure they can be rolled at the hems for a current look. Camouflage print is another option. Cargo skinnies that are rolled at the hem are another way to go, but a looser fit bottom is more fashionable at the moment. 

Top: Think fluid tee, tank top, T-shirt blouse, or roomy blouse with diagonal sleeves and high-low hemline. A boyfriend shirt with scrunched sleeves will also work, as will a slouchy lightweight cotton or linen pullover. Tuck or partially tuck the top for structure. I’ve chosen white and light grey because I like those neutrals paired with olive, but black, blue, and all sorts of reds, purples, pinks, corals and citron work well with olive too. 

Topper: This is optional. The point of the ensemble is that it looks good without the third piece. I do like the masculine strictness of a crisp black blazer with this outfit because it’s a fun juxtaposition. Pop it on when it’s cooler in the morning or at night. A knitted moto jacket is a cozier way to go. 

Footwear: Classic brown gladiators are warm and earthy with the olive, but black and metallic work well too. I threw in white Birkenstocks as the trendy option to match the white top. Slip-on sneakers will work, as will any style of casual sandal, cut-out bootie, pointy flat, wedge sneaker or loafer. 

Accessories: You’ll need a belt to finish off the look. Matching it to the colour of the shoes is an easy way of pulling together the outfit. Choose a casual tote, bowling bag, crossbody bag or fashionable backpack. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

 Khakis, Tee, Blazer & Gladiators

Hopefully, you’ll be able to pull together this outfit by shopping your closet. I’ll be doing so by combining my tan boyfriend khakis with a white roomy button down shirt or cotton pullover, white belt, white wedge Converse and an ink blazer or black moto.