OK work with me here! These aren't true khakis but they are a light cotton twill, and embody the "close enough" aspect this outfit has to the ensemble even though I do not technically have one element in its title So: Slouchy cotton pants, check; rolled: technically check, it's just a teeeeny tiny little roll. Fluid top, check; semi-tucked for additional structure, check. Topper, nope. Gladiators, unfortunately not but I feel like these gold smoking slippers are both casual and earthy enough. Belt, check. Causal bag, uhhhh nope couldn't manage that one, had to grab a clutch of course. A quick note on the belt: I wanted to see the studs, so I pulled the belt around one loop over and buckled it at my side ^^ Accessorized with white watch to add to the casual feel, BIG turquoise earrings inspired by LeopardLuxe's awesome turquoise jewelry, and light pink lip gloss to add a little softness.

I think I've got the casual vibe of the outfit here, but it is a bit more polished and definitely feels less boho. I also didn't realize until I was putting the photos together that I probably should've tried to smooth this new sweater out before wearing it, gah. It's from Forever21 and about the quality you'd expect, so I plan to just have fun with it for the season while it lasts. I do like the idea of the solid front and patterned silk back though, a different take on the upscale sweater/sweatshirt. A little more casual than I usually wear to work, but that's fine. Plus hubby and I are thinking of heading down to catch the ballgame later tonight and it's definitely appropriately casual for that (but drat, no coat and no scorebook with me!). Happy Friday, everyone!

Available items collected below. Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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