T Magazine reviews Bare, a new fashion and culture magazine “without gloss” and no photo retouching. The first issue contains a literary fiction feature about bad hair days, “essays and conversations about creative people’s work processes and a bathing-suit editorial accompanied by an excerpt from John Cheever’s short story ‘The Swimmer’.”

In “New Kids on the Magazine Rack“, the New York Times shares seven indie fashion magazines “on the cutting edge of print”.

I’m very much enjoying the new BoF series “Special Briefing on Fashion Media Game Changers”. Have a look at the two first instalments: Building Vogue China and Rebooting Elle

Fab Links from Our Members

Via Jennifer at The Daily Connoisseur, Ginkgo discovered The Lost Art of Dress by Linda Przybyszewski. She is tremendously enjoying this history of American dress and its downfall over the last half-century.

BethL came across Everpurse, a Kickstarter project for a small clutch that charges an iPhone. She adds that the video with people’s reactions to the “charging now” beep is kind of a riot.

MaryK is enamoured with these Charles James dresses, and found the article about how modern science is discovering how the designer made them so fab very interesting. She now wants to go to the Met and check out the exhibit for herself. Be sure to watch the video as well.

Angie recommends Sally’s post “Loving What You Hate“, as her body image posts are always food for thought, and a good read.

La Belle Demimondaine finds this multi-part series on how to assess the quality of a garment very helpful, particularly with regards to seams — something she never thinks to look at.

Dutch artist A. Boogert created an 800 page guidebook for painters explaining how to mix watercolours to create different hues and tones by adding water. HiggsMistress thinks it’s amazing that this was created in 1692, 271 years before the Pantone colour guides were published. Since there was only one copy ever made, the entire book is viewable online.

In this Wall Street Journal article, model Liu Wen makes menswear look very appealing. Joy loved the simple, dramatic lines and shapes.

Be Fabulous Daily, one of E’s favourite style bloggers is doing a project to see how small her wardrobe can be and still make her happy by creating 15 perfect outfits. This post outlines her strategy and rationale and includes directions for any readers who want to try it out themselves.

Laurinda enjoyed this blog post by marketeer Seth Godin who asks: Is digital the end of luxury brands? He explains why luxury goods are not likely to go on sale — People pay extra partly for the privilege of paying extra — and suggests that people today are more interested in connecting to their networks than in their stuff.