I enjoy trying and retrying new trends, remixing existing wardrobe pieces and pushing my fashion envelope. That way I don’t get bored of my outfits. In some instances the look isn’t completely new, but more of an evolved and often improved version of a look that I’ve sported before. Either way, my style feels refreshed when I dress a little differently each season.

This is how I recharged my look for Spring and Summer 2010:

  • Bracelet: My new chunky pearl bracelet means leaving off the chunky pearl necklace. Having never worn bracelets, this is a big change for me.
  • Messy scarf: I love wearing messy scarf looks with my one and only bracelet. No necklace required.
  • Flat loafers: These androgynous darlings put a new edgy and arty spin on my outfits.
  • Harem pants: One of my favourite looks of the season, worn both in dressy and more casual ways.
  • Faded denim: Giving my dark denim jacket a break in favour of the new faded one has been more refreshing than I imagined. My faded denim shirt has been fabulous too.
  • Jodhpur jeans: Just thinking about these crazy jeans makes me smile. So different and a fab low rise surprise.
  • Button down tunic shirts: As a shirt gal at heart, button down tunic shirts in both black and white are another Spring and Summer wardrobe workhorse worn in casual and smart casual ensembles, all the way to business casual and semi formal outfits.
  • Nude shoes: It took me a while to get my head around this colour, but as long as the nude leather is textured, I’m thrilled to sport the look. My nude Fidjis and Summer slouch boots get loads of wear.
  • Structured handbag: My one and only structured handbag courtesy of my London family is a pleasure to wear. Instant retro Madmen 50’s fun.

Over to you. How did you refresh and evolve your look this season? Are you liking the changes that you made?