I’m very fond of button down shirts so it makes sense that my choice of denim dress is a shirt dress. Shirt dresses are usually tailored and belted at the waist and I wear those styles too. But just for fun, I chose a boxy style this time round. While this type of frock styling might not be to your taste, it suits my style down to the ground. Here’s why:

  • My long neck and super short hair likes a collar that pops. The extra coverage shortens the neckline in a flattering way.
  • I like scrunching my sleeves.
  • The rigid lines of a boxy cut work on my straight-ish body type.
  • I get a kick out of surrendering my waistline from time to time because it draws attention to other parts of my body. And I like the fun, arty vibe.

There are several ways to wear this style of dress. Belting it is an obvious option that I haven’t tried yet. My other shirt dresses create more of an hourglass silhouette so I’m enjoying that this style can look different. I either wear the boxy style on its own with flat Summer boots, or with leggings and low heeled pumps. I like to finish off the look with pearls, a colourful bag and a trench coat for nippy mornings and evenings.

These outfits may not look Spring-like to you, but it’s chilly around here so I’m still covering up. But colourful accessories, light footwear and a new hair style make me feel like I’ve done a style Spring cleaning.

Boxy Denim Dress

I recently found this dress at Martin & Osa, but I can’t find it in their online store right now. I don’t usually shop at M&O, but it followed me home.