Yes, I’m boot crazy. And yes, the pairing of the words “summer” and “boots”  sounds like an oxymoron. But please hear me out. For some people in some parts of the world, Summer boots make complete sense. Like for me in Seattle. And I might be in the minority, but I’m probably not alone.

Here’s why…

  1. Summers aren’t always that hot. On cool Summer days here in Seattle (and many places in Europe) when the temperatures are between 58 and 65 degrees (14 and 18 degrees Celsius), I’m extremely comfortable in a dress sans hose and a lightweight pair of knee-high cream boots. Leaving off the hose keeps things adequately ventilated, balancing out the warmth that’s provided by the boots. Slouchy boot styles offer even more ventilation.
  2. Boots are comfortable. My feet enjoy the comfort of socks so wearing boots keeps them happy. That’s why I’m motivated to make boots work on cool Summer days. If you think about it, men wear shoes and socks far more frequently than we do. I want to wear socks more often too.
  3. Inner thermostats vary. I handle heat quite well but have little resistance to the cold. So my tolerance for warmth around my legs is high. For the same reason it takes me forever to break out sandals because my feet feel cold very quickly.
  4. Inside temperatures can be frigid. Extra leg coverage is a saving grace in cold air-conditioning (and another reason why I battle to wear sandals at all).

When it comes to Summer boot styling, I vote lightweight and light coloured, like tan, beige, stone, putty, cream, and white. Nothing too dark, heavy, chunky or overly warm — otherwise they’ll look and feel like Autumn boots, and we’re trying to create a difference. Think knee-high or mid calf and fairly flat and casual.

Aquatalia Jack BootSam  Edelman PortiaGentle  Souls Silver BootFrye  Carson Boot

The boots above are a good visual. The perforated styles are particularly breezy while the light colour adds a sense of freshness to your ensemble. They’ll look adorable sans hose, paired with walk shorts, short shorts (if you have the gams), short flirty skirts, sleeveless sheath dresses and summery patterned dresses.

I have two pairs of Summer boots, one in off-white and one in tan, that I enjoy wearing with all sorts of dresses. I wear them in Spring too and you recently saw me sport that look in the Melrose Street Review.  Obviously, if you have hot, humid Summers that are 80 degrees plus, Summer boots are a ridiculous idea. But as a fringe fashion statement in the right geographical location, I think the concept rocks.

What do you think, ladies? Can you see yourself wearing Summer boots, if not in the heat of Florida or Arizona, but in cooler regions? Let’s hear it.