Four to five years ago leggings made a fashionable comeback. At the time of the initial rebirth of the trend, magazines and fashion experts were quick to say that the item was a one season thing. Here today, gone next season. They were so, so wrong.

Worldwide, the leggings phenomenon has grown more popular each seasonand it looks like the trend is here to stay (for now). Every season there are styling updates and new ways of wearing the look. Fabrications have improved and items like jeggings have become an equally big hit.

I am a big, big leggings fan, but it took me 6 months to get into the vibe. I’ve written several posts on why they are a great idea, like the one showing our stylish forum members strutting their stuff. Dressed up or down, everyone can wear leggings in a way that suits their style, age and body type. Some wear them casually, while others add a sophisticated and dressy component to the outfit. Some wear them cropped, while others prefer ankle length. Some like prints and patterns, while others prefer black. Some wear them with knitted dresses and tunics while other match them with wovens. The ensemble combinations are literally endless.

I’m also proud to say that most of my clients sport some sort of leggings ensemble – right up to the age of 70.

I absolutely love how leggings add a hip edge to my outfits, whilst keeping me warm, comfortable and covered. For my dressy style, I wear black leggings only. I wear them both cropped with side zipper, ruching or button detailing, or long with stirrup detailing. I pair them with woven skirts and dresses and match them with both heels or flats. I do not wear colours or patterns, match them with knitted tunics or wear them with boots.

Over to you. After years of legging mania that’s still going strong, do you wear leggings? If so, how long did it take you to come around to the idea and how do you wear them? If you don’t wear leggings, what’s holding you back?