Sometimes we have an allergic reaction to a new trend. The negative reaction might be to a particular colour, silhouette, design detail, pattern or fabrication on a garment, the heel on a shoe, or the way an outfit is put together. These reactions are inevitable because we can’t possibly like all trends.

But more often than not, we get used to the picture after seeing other people wear the look – after all, fashion is but an adaptation of the eye. What looked awful before suddenly doesn’t look so bad. We warm up to the idea and, lo and behold, even try the trend ourselves. And before we know it we’re actually sporting the look, despite our initial allergic reaction.

Even though I’m an early adopter for most trends, this has happened to me many, many times in my fashion life. It’s gotten to the point where I seldom say “never” because I often end up eating my words later. At the very least, I do own up each time I have a change of heart.

These are most memorable times I’ve had to eat my words:

  • Skinny jeans. I vowed I would never wear them again when they first started resurfacing. Too many bad ‘80’s flashbacks. But six months down the line we were inseparable and still are.
  • Leggings. I filed them under “for teeny boppers only” for half a season. Then I saw my style icon Vera Wang, who is 20 years my senior, rock the look in her usual urban and sophisticated way. The penny dropped and I’m still all over the trend.
  • Harem pants. I laughed at this silhouette thinking it was just all wrong. Then I went to Israel and saw how the stylish Tel Aviv ladies pulled off the look and was totally swayed. I’m still not into the knitted versions with sagging crotches, but I’ve been trying to get a woven pair with a normal length crotch for almost a year. Hope to find a pair soon.
  • Gold accessories. I couldn’t appreciate the resurgence of the metal in the ‘00’s in any shape or form. But somehow, this forum challenge turned that around and now I happily wear both silver and gold jewelry and hardware.
  • Denim on denim. Well, you just read all about that.

I’m absolutely sure that you’re wearing trends, colours and clothing styles today that you initially disliked when they started appearing in magazines and in stores. Now it’s your turn to own up.