Bracelets and bangles are a year round thing. But they’re visually most effective in warmer weather when bare forearms and wrists create a perfect backdrop for the accessory. I see bracelets and bangles becoming more popular at retail level each season, and more people wearing them too. There is jewelry life beyond necklaces and earrings!

There is so much available in the world of arm candy that it’s quite overwhelming. From leather cuffs, metal cuffs, feathered cuffs and stretch bracelets, to enamel bangles, wooden bangles, bangle sets, charm bracelets, and beaded bracelets. There is no end to the variety of this jewelry statement.

Lee Angel Jewelry Etienne BraceletMali Sabatasso Peacock Feather Dear Skin Cuff in BlueFiona Paxton "Milly" Cuff BraceletEco-Friendly Bangle Bracelet - Recycled Japanese NewspaperSprinkle Orbs - Yellow Rainbow BraceletBracelet Set

If you like accessories with a quirky twist, bracelets and bangles seem to affordably offer that quality more than other jewelry in my book. It’s much easier to sport something unpredictable on your wrist than close to your face.

A studded pearl leather cuff, a peacock feathered wrist band, a bracelet set made of recycled Japanese newspaper and beads made of cake sprinkles, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to eccentric bracelet choices.

I am new to the world of arm candy and have precisely one style that I wear. It’s not an accessory that I am personally drawn to because it’s hard to find styles that fit my wrists. They also sort of get in the way when I pick up and cuddle our little dogs, which happens a hundred times a day. But I love looking at all sorts of bracelets and bangles and often admire them on others. Do you wear arm candy? If so, what’s your bracelet style? If not, do you think you’ll venture out into the world of arm adornment?