White bottoms make my “must have” list every warm weather season because they’re one of easiest and most cost effective ways to inject a bit of Spring or Summer into your wardrobe. They are the perfect Summer bridging piece, because they instantly make all tops look more Summery. White items in general get you out of Winter mode and spell the start of Summer fun, adding a fresh and contemporary edge to your outfits. If optical white feels a little too stark, off-white and cream are good substitutes.

Yet every season I receive the same feedback from ladies who feel that they can’t wear white pants, jeans, clamdiggers, walk shorts, skirts or dresses because they’re unflattering, thinking they need to be stick thin in order to wear the look. I wish I could take you all shopping because it’s simply not so. A flattering pair of bottoms is about the fit and the fabric and not the colour.

I am nothing if not tenacious! So here’s a list of tips to get you on your way if you’re still battling with the concept of white bottoms but want to wear the look:

  1. Choose denim fabrications first: White is more transparent than any other colour. Denim is thick, offers great structure and ample coverage. So if you’re a newbie to white bottoms, think white jeans, or denim walk shorts, clamdiggers and skirts.
  2. Choose matte and thick fabrications second: Weighty and substantial fabrications are less revealing and great options for tailored bottoms. Lining can help too.
  3. Pay special attention to pocket detailing: It’s a real shame that the pocket linings of white pants with pockets show through in unattractive ways – even when the pants are lined. Sometimes, pocket linings can be cut out or sewn closed so keep that option in mind. First choice is to opt for pants sans front pockets. This is yet another reason to choose denim because regular five-pocket denim pocket positioning does a better job of camouflaging pocket lining.
  4. Size up: White and light coloured bottoms can be more revealing so wearing them a little looser helps.
  5. Wear longer tops with white pants, clamdiggers and jeans: If you’re shy about exposing your bottom, hip and thigh area, match white bottoms up with longer tops. Clever coverage works wonders.
  6. Wear flesh toned undies with good coverage:  It’s the best way to prevent your knickers from showing through.
  7. If pants fail, stick to skirts and dresses: If you just can’t get white jeans, pants, clamdiggers or walk shorts to work, choose a denim pencil skirt or short, breezy A-line skirt instead. No thigh and bottom cling. Roomy white cotton Summer sundresses are sweet too, especially when worn with a denim jacket.

There you have it. Another attempt to encourage those who are dying to wear white bottoms to take the plunge. How say you now, ladies? Have I managed to keep the door to wearing white bottoms ajar? Any further tips to share? Do you wear white bottoms, or are you still dead set against the look?