Smart Casual White TunicHere’s the second tunic shirt outfit in action. This time it’s smart casual (if you haven’t seen it already, take a look at the casual interpretation I did yesterday). Once again, the outfit is true to my style, so it might not be to your taste. Substitution is the name of the game so have fun with the look and make it YOURS.

For the most part I prefer this shirt sans the belt because I get a kick out of surrendering my waistline. It makes me feel a little naughty and rebellious but in a lady-like way. A little weird perhaps, but at the end of the day it’s all about how the outfit makes us feel, right?

I added structure to the shirt by adding the layer of a fitted cardigan. I buttoned the top few buttons to accentuate an A-line silhouette, thereby leaving me with a strong shoulder line but a voluminous midriff and hip area. My cardigan has crazy 80’s ruched sleeves but you could have layered any type of cardigan and belted it at the waist for added definition. Instead of a cardigan, add a jacket, waistcoat or moto vest for even more structure.

I chose skinnies and dressy flats because that’s how I’m most comfortable when charging around town, but you can wear bootcut jeans and heels to create a longer and leaner line. I also chose a necklace, but earrings and a scarf are just as fab. Finished off the look with pearls and a great bag and Bob’s your uncle.

Tomorrow I’ll cover how to wear the tunic shirt in a creative business casual setting.