OutfitI wore low rise jeans in the 90’s, but felt uncomfortable most of the time. What could you do? It was either wear low rise bottoms, or stay stuck in high-rise pleated 80’s styles. I chose the former and constantly tugged at my tops and pulled up my jeans. Tops were much shorter in the 90’s so they never stayed tucked no matter what you did. Hip slung belts threaded through the belt loops helped to keep the jeans in place, but I still fussed with them all the time.

I was elated when rises started moving upwards in the noughties. Their magical girdling effects and extra coverage fought muffin top and prevented bottom cleavage. What a win! I was so incredibly comfortable in mid to high rise jeans and pants that I vowed I would never wear low rise anything again.

Now I have been forced to eat my words. As of three weeks ago, I’m officially wearing low rise jeans again. Greg saw these jodhpur jeans on a sales assistant in Milan and fancied the way they looked. As a lover of equestrian style, I instantly fancied them too. Definitely an acquired taste for some, so no worries if they aren’t your cup of tea.

They fit well and were comfortable straight off the bat, even though the front rise is low. So low that there’s no zipper, just a stud and two buttons on the waistband. I did the “sit-down” test in the store, tucking my long camisole into the jeans, and felt reasonably covered. Mesmerized by the edgy style of the jeans I bought them and decided to give low rise another bash.

Close UpOf course the true test was putting the low rise through its paces back home. After wearing the jeans several times I’m really pleased with the results. As long as I pair them with a tucked in long top and a low slung belt, I feel covered, secure and comfortable. Bruised hips are not fun, so I make sure that the belt isn’t too tight. With these jeans, there’s no tugging, pulling, slipping off my hips or unsightly cleavage. Everything stays put which is so different to my experience of low rises in the 90’s.

In this particular outfit I’m celebrating the torso-lengthening effect of the lower rise, which is accentuated by the high neckline and flat boots. In other outfits I have neutralized this a little with heels that lengthen my leg line and a cropped jacket that breaks and shortens the torso.

I don’t know whether all low rise jeans will feel as comfortable as these do. The unique volume around the hip might be key, reducing the pressure around the waistband both when you walk and when you sit down, and eliminating the feeling that they’re about to slip off.

Anyway, don’t worry! I’m not evangelizing low rise jeans and pants. I still prefer mid rises, but wanted to share my surprisingly good low rise experience.

In this post: paired with the jeans are my recently acquired reversible python belt and the INC ruched sleeve turtleneck.