We have been affiliates of SmartBargains.com for a while now, but I really haven’t spent much time on their site. This morning I set aside some time to do so. Wow, I’m glad I did.

The concept is something like TJMaxx, where their buyers get hold of branded merchandise at lower prices for a variety of reasons (overruns and canceled orders, for example). I know a lot of people who love TJMaxx, but I’ve never had the time of patience to search for the gems in their store.

Of course, the difference with SmartBargains.com is the all important “.com”. They are online, and online rummaging is so much easier! I spent 20 to 30 minutes and these are some of the things I found (note: these are affiliate links):

The catch is that there is very little stock of individual items — it is common to see only one item left. So you really can’t dilly dally. And like TJMaxx it is hit and miss, but this is just the nature of the bargain bin.

One of my immediate thoughts was that I should be monitoring SmartBargains for my clients. The next step would be YLF, providing some sort of feed of the things that catch my eye. So I’m interested to know what you think? Would this be useful? And what about going further than my picks — would you contribute your own picks to the system so that we can discuss them?