The fashion world is still pushing harem pants. With them all over store windows in Europe this Spring, I can’t see the trend coming to a grinding halt any time soon.

When I first saw the trend, I thought it was ridiculous. The sagging crotch aspect of the style looked like a nappy (in America, a diaper) gone wrong. Six months after the start of the trend, my viewpoint was the same. The style still looked unflattering and a little silly.

Then in Israel last year I saw stylish women pulling off the look and I began to eat my words. Harem pants have definitely grown on me –  so much so that I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair. I can scarcely believe that my eyes have adjusted to the look.

I still think that some harem pants look horrendous. The knitted styles with low slung waistbands and overly low hanging crotch points don’t float my boat. But the styles with high waistbands and slightly higher crotch points in drapy woven silk blends have my attention. The high waistband on this style is key to lengthening the leg line, which is what makes it more flattering to my eye. So I’ll tuck in my top to show off the higher waistband with this style.

I vote a qualified yay. Are certain styles of harem pants growing on you too? Even if they’re not for your wardrobe, can you appreciate the look on others?

ASOS Leopard Print Harem Trouser Splendid Harem Pants with Buttons