This post is earlier than usual because sale fever is ahead of time this year (I attribute that to our tough economic climate). You know the drill, below is a list of must-have items that cuts across all body types, age groups and budgets. It’s a question of finding the right style at the right price, AND, wearing it an appropriate and flattering way that works for you. So no “but”s or “I can’t”s unless you’re vehemently opposed to the aesthetic of the trend. Here we go:

  • White bottoms: As the most logical and cost effective Summer bridging piece, white jeans, pants, walk shorts, clamdiggers, skirts or frocks are a no-brainer. If bright optical white is not your thing, try a variation like off-white or cream.
  • White items: Think white or cream for tops, jackets, cardigans, camisoles, accessories, footwear, spectacles, sunglasses and watches. It screams “Summer is here”.
  • An assortment of cardigans: Tailored V-necks with elbow length sleeves are especially flattering, but unstructured cascading cardigans have their place too. They work well over sleeveless tops, add coverage when needed and are super comfy, versatile, relaxed and practical.
  • Day dresses: If you stick to pants and shorts most of the time, challenge yourself to mix it up and wear frocks. It’s the best solution in hot weather.
  • Walk shorts and clamdiggers: These are your “go to” Summer jeans or pants.
  • Leggings: I’ve tried to encourage adoption of this look and it’s been well received on our forum. I hope you give it a bash.
  • Denim jacket: Great in either white, faded or dark denim blue, it’s the perfectly timeless casual cover-up for dress and skirt ensembles.
  • Gladiators, or thong sandals: If I can wear this item, anyone can. Gladiators are my edgy preference, but pretty thong sandals are just as fab.
  • Metallic shoes: The ideal Summery neutral. Whether it’s wedges, ballet flats or sandals, a metallic ped is flop proof in warm weather.
  • Banded tops: Time to give the defined waistline a break and go for something unexpected. The right banded top has worked on all my clients so far. Stretch yourselves if there isn’t one hanging in your closet.

This list is deliberately more daring than last year’s list because it’s good to keep our wardrobes evolving. I’ve left off non-neutral shoes, handbags and accessories, assuming that you already have these covered. Summer is here – let’s get those wardrobes in shape.