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18 4 hours ago by Joy

Buy or not? Consignment EF coat

19 7 hours ago by Sveta

Wiw: is there still life in this personal classic?

13 8 hours ago by Joyce B

Do these colours work together?

25 9 hours ago by E

WIW: lemming time!

10 9 hours ago by abc

Emerald specs(!!!)

19 1 day ago by Kari

Help getting ready for girls night

28 1 day ago by Beth Ann

WIW: Trusty VC skirt

21 1 day ago by Jenava

Just flattering enough or nowhere near it?

7 2 days ago by Elizabeth P

WIW: essential sweater and statement skirt

14 2 days ago by Sveta

Another shopping plee for help!!!!

36 4 days ago by Sveta

Ask Angie et al: JCrew sweaters to consider?

9 4 days ago by Aubergine

WIW: at Fenway!

13 6 days ago by Karie

WIW: today's ensemble

19 6 days ago by Suz

UPDATED: k/r red sweater, WRISTLET, and k/alter- skirt

8 6 days ago by Tanya

WIW: Ash Genial's first outing

24 6 days ago by Joy

Keep or Donate: BB blazer

21 6 days ago by Joy

Should I buy this sweater: ETA grey sweater photos K /R?

10 6 days ago by Carole

I layered a shirt and I liked it!

20 6 days ago by LACeleste

Wiw: Dude looks like a lady? Or a bore?

23 1 week ago by lyn67

WIW: When in doubt, add white

8 1 week ago by Carole

WIW 23 /10

20 1 week ago by Carole

Wiw: Loft tunic

31 1 week ago by Diana

Wiw: Too many statements? (Now with actual analysis, so please read again :p )

9 1 week ago by Diana

Shoe Advice

60 1 week ago by Ingunn

New haircut!

30 1 week ago by Ingunn

Grandma's shearling coat is back from the tailor

17 1 week ago by Jules

K/E/R LL Bean Scotch Plaid Shirt

25 2 weeks ago by alaskagirl

Dressing for a wedding-Help!

12 2 weeks ago by Carole

WIW and Ash Genial love at first try.

15 2 weeks ago by Tanya

Should I order this coat? (quick help needed)

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