Hi. Welcome to my revamped thread. It began as an urgent post while I was in a store. Now that I’ve bought myself some time, I’ve added pix of an order that came today. I want to take advantage of EU return policies while I’m here, without getting the moving equivalent of sales goggles.

1-8 are (mostly) a jacket I loved, but I’m looking for a smaller size.

I haven’t tried the skirt in 5, but can when I go back Fri.

10-12 is a cord jumper (US definition; might be a pinny elsewhere).

13-15 is a wrap-around skirt of the same fabric as 10-12.

16-18 is a dress that I’m not convinced I need.

19-20 climate data here & where I’m headed (though I’m not sure I’ll stay there).

Note the finds I have been price-watching on (in green)

Should I try the skirt?

Now come the things I ordered

21-23 are all the same crochet topper. I am still looking for black pieces I could wear very traditionally to funerals. The white undershirt is just so you can see the crochet better.

26 is a different black top.

If I got either of these, I’d want to be able to wear it with this skirt for a funeral, and also on its own/with other things as part of my regular wardrobe.

24 and 25 are different sizes of the same top.

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