My niece’s college graduation is coming up soon, and she is accepted to a Master’s program in engineering. I want to get her a shattered glass necklace.
I got the idea from uncommon goods, which has this one

That price seems steep, so I went to Etsy to browse for others, found that there are many there, from over $100 down to this one

Both have good ratings; the negative comments on the Etsy site are about a different item being larger than expected. But I feel nervous giving her a necklace for the price of a Starbucks tab. I won’t be able to look at it before giving it, as I plan to have it sent directly to her (alternate plan would be to send several to my parents, who will see her, and have Mom pick one, but A. That’s work for mom and B. I generally prefer not yo have her involved in my affairs.

Have you seen one of these necklaces, or do you have experience with shops that sell them?

I’m thinking presentation might make a difference here, but isn’t everything. I picked this one for her a month ago, but it is sold out now.