I LOVE the mid-Levels escalator. Old stomping ground

YES! Very covered. Go with whichever outfit makes you feel the most relaxed and yourself. Can't lose!

So what’d you go with? Did you have a good time & forget what you were wearing?

Thank you for everyone's input! Sorry to not respond earlier - I dropped into the farewell straight after a full day of work! Have now added WiW pics to the OP (original post)

I had *really* wanted to wear the satin cargo pants, mostly because (as @TheCat mentioned) they have a very limited window of wearable opportunity! (I don't have the sort of lifestyle for 'casual going out' events, so I thought they'd work well at a bar - but what do I know, anyway? Lol )

The forecast was unfortunately *very* humid & *very* rainy right before I left though, so the thought of *anything* encasing my legs (even satin) was awful! Went with the orangey red dress, my purple map print scarf & my chocolate rainbow earrings in the end (pics ETA in original post).

I ended up taking off the scarf (attached) just before I got there though, & felt that was the right call - there were far too many people in the bar to feel cold (my ex-boss has been in HK for 20+ years!) & it was far too humid to deal with anything fussy. So I stuffed it into my mini circle backpack, along with my poncho (which I *of course* didn't end up needing - typical weather!) so that my hands were free to say hi to my ex- & current bosses. (Un)luckily my Potential Boss wasn't there at the same time as me (I nipped out in-between to get dinner, then returned for goodbyes), so didn't need to worry about that aspect after all!

TL;DR: I felt prepared enough in my outfit to make small talk with my current boss & to thank my ex-boss for all that she's done for me over the years. Couldn't ask for more

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Such a cool print on that scarf! But taking it off to be hands-free in an overstuffed bar sounds like the right move; there will be other chances to wear the scarf. Sorry you missed boss-to-be, hope you had fun!

Stunning!! You and that shade of orange are a match made in heaven!
Sounds like the evening went really well!

Glad to know it went well! These kinds of situations are anxiety producing, but you had a great outfit and looked lovely.

Delighted to hear it went well! The orange dress was a fabulous choice - mixing a fairly conservative style with that high-energy, super flattering colour.

So glad to hear that it went well, and more importantly that you felt good

KILLER outfit, and you looked perfect! The scarf was an excellent just-in-case. With an amazing mask to match

Glad the weather co-operated, and that the event went well. Have a fab weekend.

You looked fab! Love you in that shade of orange and fun to see the lovely mask again.
Jewellery and shoes looked great too.

How did I miss the pic earlier? You look awesome, including your beautiful hair and curls.

@merwoman @CarolS
Thank you - this shade of red-orange is now my go-to 'fun no-brainer' colour. Not the easiest to find, but I stock up when I do

@Jenni NZ @Angie
Thank you, have also stocked up on more of this mask just in case

@Lana @kkards
It's a tricky balance but got there eventually! There will be other opportunities to wear the satin cargo pants in the future, I'm sure (even if it's just for WFH) lol

Thank you, I just added the WiW photos recently When it gets this hot & humid, comfort is key - am slightly dreading having to readjust to dressing for cooler weather back home next month, because I just *know* it will mean returning to even thicker & muggier air quality in HK in July Oh well!

Good call, looking stylish! Great earrings not to mention!