Flared skirts tend to look really good with short jackets, creating traditionally flattering proportions that lengthen the leg line and define the waist. We’re throwing some, if not all, of that out the window with this outfit formula. Whether you wear conventionally flattering proportions, or outfits that are just flattering enough — it’s all good as long as you adhere to your personal set of figure flattering priorities.

I liked these outfits because they look fresh, and make the trendy longer blazer a lot more versatile. It’s a slam dunk with pants and jeans – AND you can bring in the flared skirt. On to the outfits and choose any colour palette.

1. Structured Elongation

Combine a flared midi skirt – which needn’t be pleated – with a tucked top and throw on a long blazer. The length of the jacket worn with the length of the skirt shortens the leg line, but the tucked top lengthens the leg line back up from the hips to waist by shortening the torso. Heels were not a must, but here they further elongate the leg line. The black boots work well with the black jacket. Leaving the jacket open creates a vertical line down the centre front of the body, which further elongates the outfit.

MSGM Ruffle-trimmed Stretch-crepe Blazer

2. Unstructured Avant-Garde

There is very little structure in this outfit which is an acquired taste. That said, the matchy-matchy colour palette of the components help create the cohesive look. It’s very comfortable, and a vibe that I call “beyond body type”. A fluid shirt is worn over a flared pleated skirt and topped with a fluid long blazer. The pleats of the skirt give the outfit a little vertical integrity. The chunky sporty sandals are the fashion-forward touch, and the dainty crossbody adds a bit of refined glam.

MM6 MAISON MARGIELA Techno-wool Blazer

3.  Sporty Mishmash

This combination is very, “throw it all together and hope it works out”. To my eye, it works despite the seemingly randomness of the colour palette and items. The colour repetition of the model’s skin tone and blazer, and white shirt and sneaks are a cohesive touch, which helps the eye rest and regroup. There’s a bit of bookending with the black bits of the shoes and the model’s black hair too. As for the rest, it’s a creative and comfortable combination that certainly maximizes the versatility of your wardrobe items. You’ll need a roomy blazer to layer it all underneath, and I adore the pop of bring turquoise. I dare you to give it a go.

ACNE STUDIOS Double-breasted Masculine Blazer

4. Trendy Classic

Lastly, a pretty and polished combination that’s structured, textured, and allows movement. I like this one best, although I’d change the colour palette. It has a yummy late ‘80s and early ‘90s vibe to it which I’m drawn to. Combine a classic striped tee with a bias cut skirt, or another style of flared skirt. Tucking the top lengthens the leg line and shortens the torso, which is an especially effective styling strategy when you wear flats. Top things off with a long blazer that you leave open to maximize vertical integrity. Scrunching the sleeves adds further structure to the look. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Violeta by Mango Unstructured Cotton Blazer