Footwear from Universal Standard, a Nike subscription service, an interesting Target project, and more style stories that caught our eye in August.

Fun Fashion Quote

I really like Kelsey Miller’s down-to-earth take on skincare, make-up, and beauty routines:

“I remind myself that beauty stuff is for fun, and none of it is obligatory. I spent so much of my life in a toxic relationship with my physical appearance — my body shape and size, in particular. What I love about doing skincare and makeup is that it never felt motivated by the self-loathing and panic that drove my disordered behavior with food and exercise (which I’m now thankfully recovered from). If anything, beauty rituals affirm my self-acceptance. It’s a habit that puts me face-to-face with myself in the mirror every day, urging me to look on my 35-year-old face, with all its divots and freckles and slowly but surely emerging laugh lines. I don’t feel the need to fix that girl– she’s a real lady, after all. But it feels good to take care of her.”