The fashion world is starting to focus on the style trends for Fall/Winter 2019, here’s a few that caught my eye:

Fab Links from Our Members

Vildy is interested in how people (herself included) are merchandised to, and finds this concept of glamour quite interesting.

Are we supposed to give up our privacy to make fast fashion more sustainable, Shevia asks.

Always trying has been enjoying browsing Jodie’s Touch of Style blog.

Rachylou had noticed the F21 stores looking sad, and found this article about a potential bankruptcy filing.

Laura (rhubarbgirl) directs us to this article about a collaboration between Macy’s, J.C. Penney and thredUP. Interesting to read too that this start-up was rejected 27 times.

She also wanted to share this article about the idea of the ‘ideal woman’ and “ways we can each reinforce the messages of the market even when we say we’re empowered and making our own choices.”

Jorja loves Brenda Kinsel’s description of how to plan an outfit.

She also asks who will be taking the Second-Hand September pledge.

L’Abeille loved this fascinating read on “vintage adventurer inspired outfits” that incorporates the old-style Banana Republic catalogue, a video on the original Women’s Land Army uniform, a tutorial on going from a Pinterest page of likes to a list of desired garments, and how the blogger then made entire outfits just by shopping her closet.