A midi is a dress or skirt with a midi or tea length. Midi hemlines finish anywhere between the bottom of the kneecap to below the calf muscle. A maxi is a dress or skirt with a maxi or ankle length. Maxi hemlines are longer and finish on the ankle or below the ankle. Both midis and maxis are knee-covering, but only maxis can be ankle covering.

You bat for Team Midi if you prefer wearing midi skirts and dresses, and vice versa. Note that any dress code counts so think dressy and casual midis and maxis. If you can’t decide, or you wear neither, you’re benched for the game.

I bat for Team Midi by about a billion percent because it’s my absolute favourite length. Midi skirts and dresses that cover my knees are the only ones that I wear because I like to cover my legs, but not entirely. Most of my midis allow for ample movement on the bottom half so that I can walk my fast walk, often with Yorkie Sam in tow. To my eye the midi length looks elegant, especially if there is a flared swoosh factor in the skirt. One of my midis is a maxi length at the back, but the high-low hemline brings it back to midi in front so that you can see some leg. It’s lovely in motion.

I don’t wear casual maxis, because I think midi lengths are more flattering. I like seeing part of the lower leg and ankle in a midi, whereas maxis cover that up. That said I would wear a formal maxi gown with a train and some sort of low heel, because extra long lengths are luxurious and dramatic, and dead right in a very fancy setting.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Midi or Team Maxi? Tell us why, and no batting for both sides. I’m serving honey soy-glazed salmon with butternut and broccoli on the bench, and might throw in some pear crumbler with vanilla ice cream too.